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for a Brighter Future

Through expert guidance, training, and valuable resources, we are committed to providing suitable opportunities for UAE national job seekers, enabling them to join the job market and contribute to Abu Dhabi's prosperity

What is


The first employment support centre in Abu Dhabi that is career-driven, responds to the needs of employers and prepares job seekers for jobs that are available now and in the future of the UAE’s labour market

What We Do

Ensure UAE Nationals have the skills, support and behaviours to secure jobs, gain independence and become productive employees

Our Goal

Is to institute a Talent Hub that strives to be the most innovative, evolving, dynamic, proactive and hands-on talent provider focusing on the needs of the labour market




Job seekers will undergo a suite of assessments that assists in gaining a better understanding of their strengths, interests, values and personality traits, ultimately supporting a greater sense of self-awareness


Employment Coaches support job seekers to identify their strengths and interests, set career goals and explore different career options while providing guidance to help overcome any obstacles that may arise


Increasing job seeker employability and competitiveness by continually developing career pathways that are in high demand in the market through the Lifelong Learning platform


Industry, employer and role agnostic, Job Readiness programmes are designed to support all active job seekers in fundamental areas that will aid in securing employment and complement Lifelong Learning Career Pathways


Targeting job seekers with an identified career preference for comprehensive training, enabling them to gain skills or upskill in support of securing a successful and sustainable job


On-site resources such as the Library, Immersive Experience Lab and access to computers and job opportunities database help job seekers to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, which can lead to greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as offer networking opportunities


Leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide an interactive and gamified virtual experience exposing job seekers to certain careers that are often overlooked


Employment Engagement Officers work to build relationships with employers, understand their manpower needs and source job seekers that would prove valuable to those organisations


Upon securing a position, job seekers are provided support in transitioning into the workplace and managing any barriers to successfully sustain employment


Life Long Learning



Specialised programmes are developed in partnership with organisations and training providers to enhance the skills and capabilities of job seekers, addressing the gap between employer needs and job seeker qualifications, resulting in sustained employment for program participants


In cooperation with Dalma Gas Development Project & National Marine Dredging Company, this programme aims to recruit male job seekers who have previously graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering, qualifying them for work based on their performance throughout the programme


In cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment and Fatima College of Health Sciences, this programme aims to train and employ female job seekers who have previously graduated with a Bachelor’s in Nursing, qualifying them for work with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)


In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, this programme aims to qualify High School graduates in pursuing a diploma in Emergency Medical Services - Ambulance for two years at Fatima College of Health Sciences


In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy, this programme aims to qualify job seekers across all sectors of the economy, specifically within the financial services sector


Join our platform for job seekers to connect with leading experts in various fields through motivational and informational speeches, fostering a unique community for inspiration and collaborative ideation, providing resources for organic information sharing and ultimately empowering job seekers to kickstart their potential careers through upskilling in self-employment related areas